Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Musical Feast for Free

This week has been like a musical feast for me. During the week four great projects have been released and all of them as free downloads! I've been listening to all of these during the week, and some of them I've already listened to at least three times through. That is to say I've really enjoyed these releases, so that's why I want to recommend them to you so that you can go and download and enjoy some great Christ centered music!

Benjah & Dillavou - Psalms & Solos Mixtape
This is a project to promote their coming album Lov'd Ones. I'm glad they are collaborating and coming out with an album and I'm definitely gonna get a copy when it's released. As the cover art might already tell you the music genre is reggae, but it also has some rap flavor to it. Some of the tracks are done over some famous reggae riddims. Click here to download it.

B-Doe - Open Your Ears Mixtape
As I understand this is the first release from B-Doe. But I think it will not be the last release, since he is a very talented lyricist with great content. The music is kind of easy listening home grown rap music, I really enjoy the beats and the lyrical contect. Click here to download it.

Wes Pendleton - The Paste Up EP
This release is shorter than the other as you would expect since it's an EP. The musical style is similar to B-Doe and theC2bproject - easy listening rap, but the tracks are more polished and have more of an professional sound in contrast to the more raw homegrown sound. This release also has some more singing included in the tracks therefore I think that this project might appeal to a wider range of people and not just those who normally like rap music. My favorite tracks are Going Home and Know Him. Click here to download it.

theC2Bproject - The Butterfly Affect Mixtape
This is a project between JustWORD and Bondservant. I was familiar with JustWORD because of his previous release the Transfiguration, which I really enjoyed and listened to a lot. I was not disappointed with this release either, although I have to admit that the cover art made me doubt a little at first. I would describe the musical style as a kind of easy listening, uncut/raw, sample based homegrown rap. Click here to download it.

In addition to those great releases, the musical feast continues with two music videos that were released during the week. The first one is a video promoting Katajainen Kansa and their coming album. Katajainen Kansa is a Finnish reggae band with Christ centered content. I'm very excited about this coming album, since their first album is one of my favourite albums and I have listened to it a lot and still enjoy it. They will also be performing in Tampere this Sunday aka Reformation Sunday, so that will be the icing on the cake for my mysical feast! The second video is from Alan C. Duncan and Tom+Huck, I really like the style of the video and the mysical and lyrical content is also great.

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