Sunday, January 30, 2011

Creation Cinema - Dragons or Dinosaurs?

Next Friday we will have a Creation Cinema evening again. Come and watch a great documentary about a very controversial subject and eat some free food and ask any questions you want. All are welcome!

"Dragon images, legends and lore exist all over the world in many different cultures. But what if dragons were actually dinosaurs? Dinosaurs are often used to discredit the Bible, so what if their existence actually helps prove its veracity?

Dragons or Dinosaurs? answers these and other questions that surround this controversial theory."

This event is FREE and open for all!

In addition to the movie screening there will also be some food to eat, and that too for free of course. Any questions about evolution and creation (or the Bible in general) are also very welcome.

For more info:

Dragons or Dinaosaurs?

International Baptist Church of Tampere

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